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Reviewers area

Evaluation commission only.



  1. Basic sciences
  2. Veterinary medicine and food science
  3. Medical Genetics
  4. Experimental sciences
  5. Diagnostics
  6. Neurosciences: Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry
  7. Surgery
  8. Oncology & Hematology
  9. Odontology & Maxillofacial surgery/Otorhinolaryngology
  10. Anaesthesiology & Intensive therapy
  11. Internal medicine
  12. Cardiology
  13. Allergy and Immunology
  14. Ophthalmology
  15. Dermatology
  16. Obstetrics and gynecology
  17. Pediatrics
  18. Preventive medicine
  19. Family medicine
  20. Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Abstract requirements

Abstracts must be submitted electronically via Health for All website online submission system. Submission is open to students, residents and PhD students.

Important deadlines:
Abstract submission till March 1st
1st reviewers evaluation: March 2nd - March 10th
Correction of abstract: March 11th- March 15th
2nd reviewers evaluation: March 16th - March 22th

Terms for registering and accepting abstracts
  1. The author can submit only one abstract.
  2. Abstracts must be written in English.
  3. Abstracts should be no longer than 3500 characters (not including references).
  4. Abstracts must include the following parts:
    1. Introduction – short information that introduces the background of the research and illustrates its scientific problem;
    2. Aim – a short description of what you wished to accomplish;
    3. Methods – a description of methods and materials used in the research, including the type of study;
    4. Results – a description of the obtained results;
    5. Conclusions – a summary of your research and answers to the objectives.
    6. References – a list of literature sources that were used during your study. Citations should be written in Vancouver Citation Style.
  5. At least two reviewers will review the abstract once. The abstract will be accepted if two reviewers approve the abstract.
  6. Abstracts that received comments from at least one reviewer must be corrected and re-evaluated during the secondary review by the reviewer (s) who submitted comments and did not accept the abstracts.
  7. The approved abstracts will be published without editing. For this reason, we advise you to make sure there are no mistakes left.
  8. In order to make a comparable number of abstracts in each session, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to transfer an abstract to another session.
  9. By uploading abstracts, participants agree to the Terms for registering and accepting abstracts.

PhD students abstracts will be presented as Oral presentations. The Steering Committee will decide which students and residents abstracts will be presented as Oral/Poster presentations.

Oral presentation requirements

Presentations must comply with the requirements as described below:
  1. The presentations should be prepared in English.
  2. Presentations should be prepared using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Prezi or any other presentation software. Presenters take full responsibility for file formats and the quality of the presentation.
  3. The presenter is considered as the person who uploaded an abstract to the If the original presenter cannot participate, they should inform the Organizing Committee ( at least 10 working days before the conference.
  4. The oral presentation should last no longer than 8 minutes, followed by 2 minutes discussion.
  5. The presentation will be judged by at least three members of the committee.

One author of the best presentation from each session will be awarded.

Poster presentation requirements

  1. Abstracts accepted and scheduled for poster presentation must be displayed on their scheduled section of the presentation.
  2. The first author must be present at their mounted poster during their scheduled session time on their scheduled presentation day.
  3. The poster presentation should last no longer than 5 minutes, followed by 2 minutes discussion.
  4. Posters not displayed during (on the day of its presentation) will be considered “no-show.”
  5. First Author not present during the presentation time will be considered as “no-show”.
  6. Posters should follow the requirements as specified in Abstract requirements.
  7. The size of each poster is a maximum of 110 cm in height and 90 cm in width.

One author of the best presentation from each session will be awarded.


Yes, the official Health for All 2020 language is English. Only abstracts and presentations written in English language will participate in the Conference.
The requirements for the abstract and the structure of the presentation can be found on our website.
PhD students abstracts will be presented as Oral presentations.
The Steering Committee will decide which students and residents abstracts will be presented as posters.
No, the conference is free to all participants.
Yes! Health for all 2020 is open to everyone who is interested to listen!